Our Facility

Located in the Communicore Building of the Health Science Center, the HSC Library serves the academic, clinical, and research needs of over 11,000 students, faculty and staff of six health science colleges. In addition it serves Shands Health Care, medical institutions, outreach programs, and distance learning.

First floor:

The Collaboration Commons on the first floor is a popular place for individuals and groups to meet, study and discuss assignments.

10 large screen monitors, specialized software, 83 total computer work stations (including 1 Mac) and white boards are available.

The Information Desk provides an all-in-one service center for circulation, reserves/reserve books and room and locker check out. Print items received through interlibrary loan may be picked up at the Information Desk.

Computers are loaded with an extensive suite of software, including:

  • Full Adobe Suite
  • SPSS 24 (only available on PC)
  • SAS 9.4 (only available on PC)

Specialized software is provided at certain first floor stations. They include the VH Dissector by Touch of Life Technologies and Anatomy.TV 3D Head & Neck Anatomy for Dentistry; ask at the Information Desk for more information.

Black and white and color printing and scanning are available; printing is charged to your Gator 1 card. Click for more information and rates.

The Wellness collection and Graphic medicine collection are located on the first floor.

In addition, the 1st floor hosts visiting exhibits from the National Library of Medicine, and we have a group of exhibit cases that feature locally curated exhibits.

BITS @ HSCL (Biomedical Information Teaching Space – C1-121)

C1-121 at HSC Library

With 51 individual computers/chairs, an instructor computer, 4 large monitors and 2 projectors, this facility acts as a general Computer Lab when not in use for a class, and is open during library hours. It can be reserved from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

Lab Equipment and Software Includes:

Second floor:

The second floor houses 305 chairs, 78 individual computer work stations and 6 computers attached to large screen monitors, each loaded with an extensive suite of software. It also features study rooms, cubicles, sofas, TVs, a KIC scanning station, tables for laptop use and collaboration and a black and white printer. Printing costs will be posted to your one.ufl.edu account within 48 hours. For more information about printing, please visit library.health.ufl.edu/services/printing-and-copying/.

KIC Scanning station

Kic Scanning station

The face-up scanning capability enables users to capture multiple pages quickly – books no longer need to be flipped over to turn the page and then flipped back over for each scan or copy. The scanner is equipped to handle material from the size of a postage stamp size to as large as 11 x 17 inches and includes a document feeder for loose/individual page materials. It can scan in grayscale or full color, up to 600 dpi, depending on your needs.

Documents are saved in multiple formats (including searchable PDF, Quick PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and MP3 audio files) in a matter of seconds and can be emailed, saved to the cloud, or to a USB directly from the device. It also has the ability to scan and transcribe text to mp3, to allow you to listen to the scanned document. Additionally, KIC has an app called MyDocs available for Apple and Android devices which allows you to automatically upload the scanned materials to the cloud by scanning a QR code. More info available at https://www.kic.com/mydocs.

The scanner is able to scan magazines or newspaper article, book pages, class notes, photos and other materials just like a photocopier. Reproduced text or images are subject to copyright protection just like reproductions made using any computer or photocopier.

Help reduce paper waste by using our KIC Scanner!

The Collaboration Center (C2-41A)

C2-41A room (Collaboration Center)

A place where groups can use technology to discover new ways of viewing and sharing data with colleagues around the campus and around the world. It is a technology-enhanced room with a large conference table and comfortable seating for 25. The room is equipped with a 90″ monitor and whiteboard walls.

Lab Equipment and Software Includes:

Reserve the Collaboration Center (C2-41A)

Study Rooms
Several study rooms are available for check out on the second floor, and some are available to reserve online. Please visit library.health.ufl.edu/services/reserve-a-room/reserve-a-study-room-students-only/ for more information. Overall there are 20 computers available in study rooms, and 2 large monitors. Rooms may vary as to exact size and accommodations for individuals or small groups. Rooms not reserved online are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please visit the first floor Information Desk and present your Gator1 card to check out these rooms.

The lockers housed on the 2nd floor of the Communicore building are maintained by the Health Science Center Library staff. To check out a locker, please stop by the Information Desk on the 1st floor of the library. There are two categories of lockers:

  • Long-Term Lockers can be checked out semester to semester, and they can be renewed. To check out a long-term locker, you need to be a current student, staff or faculty member and have a current Gator 1 card.
  • Temporary Use Lockers can be checked out on a daily basis; we provide the lock/key. The lock/key is to be returned to the Information Desk by library closing on the day it is checked out. To check out a temporary-use locker, you need a current Gator 1 card.

Third Floor

Medical students using a large screen monitor

All print materials are housed on the third floor.

Accessible by the interior staircase, the third floor has been set aside as a quiet zone to allow for more concentrated studying. There are a variety of spaces available for studying including large tables, carrels, lounge chairs, and study rooms.

There are a limited number of computer work stations and printers and copiers on the third floor which are loaded with an extensive suite of software including:

  • Full Adobe Suite
  • AutoDesk 2017 Suite
  • SPSS Atmos and Statistics 24
  • SAS 9.4

Printing and copying are also available using the Gator 1 card payment system.

Several study rooms are available for check out on the third floor, and some are available to reserve online. Please visit Reserve A Study Room (Students only). Overall there are 19 computers available (one Mac), 11 with large screen monitors. Rooms may vary as to exact size and accommodations for individuals or small groups. Rooms not reserved online are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please visit the first floor Information Desk and present your Gator1 card to check out these rooms. These rooms are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.