24 Hour Quiet Study Space at the Health Science Center Library

The Health Science Center Library’s 2nd floor will be open for students enrolled in Health Science Center colleges and residents/fellows in UF Health programs beginning Tuesday, May 26.

Please review our policies at https://library.health.ufl.edu/about-us/library-user-policies/limited-access/

24/7 access currently unavailable.

Access to and use of the 2nd floor of the Health Science Center Library (HSCL) 24 hour quiet study space is a privilege extended to registered HSCL users who are UF students currently enrolled in any of the six Health Science Center colleges, UF Health/Shands Residents and FellowsWhen the 2nd floor of library is closed, this study space is accessible by registered users only. There is access to four study rooms only: C2-45M, C2-45P, C2-45N and C2-45O.


  • Access to the 24 hour study area on the 2nd floor is restricted to currently enrolled students of the HSC Colleges, Residents and Fellows.
  • You will need to have a Gator 1 card. Your Gator 1 Card is automatically activated when you register for classes.
  • To enter the study space, you are required to swipe your Gator 1 card through the reader at the 2nd floor door. Failure to do so will set off the door alarm.
  • To exit the floor, you are required to swipe your Gator 1 card through the reader at the 2nd floor door. Failure to do so will set off the door alarm.
  • If the alarm sounds, you must swipe your Gator 1 card through the reader and push the door open to stop the alarm.


  • Only currently enrolled HSC College students at the University of Florida may access the 24 hour study space. Allowing other library patrons access to the space is considered a violation of this policy and will be grounds for termination of access privileges.
  • Occupants may be asked to show their Gator 1 card to security personnel patrolling the premises.
  • The space is available for use 24 hours per day; except during closures for holidays, semester breaks, and other situations as deemed necessary by HSCL administration. 24/7 is available when the 2nd floor doors are locked.
  • During the hours that the HSCL is being prepared for closing (30-45 minutes prior to closing), occupants will be escorted to the second floor. Those without 24/7 access must leave the library.
  • During the time that the HSCL is being prepared to open for daily use (30-45 minutes prior to opening), it may be noisier than usual.
  • The space is for quiet study use only. No scheduled meetings, events, or other functions may be held.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended in the Library at any time; the Library is not responsible for patrons’ personal belongings.
  • Registered users are expected to respect the library staff and space, and maintain appropriate professional behavior throughout the time they are in the library.
  • Failure to follow these policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of access to the HSC Library 24 hour quiet study space.

Contact Campus Police at 392-1111 for security problems or 911 for emergencies.