Wireless Help

If you have a Gatorlink account

Visit https://getonline.ufl.edu/ to assist in the configuration of your device to connect to the secure Eduroam campus wireless network at UF.

If you are a guest user without a Gatorlink ID

Connect to the open “ufguest” wireless network.

What username should I use with eduroam?

The University supports two types of accounts with Eduroam, Gatorlink accounts and UFHealth Shands/Gainesville accounts (i.e. shands\username). If you have a Gatorlink account, please enter it in the form of username@ufl.edu. If you have a UFHealth account, please enter it in the form of username@shands.ufl.edu. If you have both, please use your Gatorlink account. Simply entering “username” will not work correctly with Eduroam. We encourage all users to use the secure onboarding process found at “getonline.ufl.edu“. This process will ensure you use the correct username and that your device is successfully onboarded to Eduroam.

GatorLink Account Management available at https://account.it.ufl.edu/