What are your 3 wishes for the HSC Libraries?

Published: October 7th, 2019

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wish granted gifThe Health Science Center Libraries want to know how we can better serve you, our faculty, staff, and students. If we could wave a magic wand and grant your top 3 wishes related to the HSCL, what would they be? Please take a few minutes to share your wishes with us in this quick, open-ended survey: https://ufl.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bl5ROZ2leLsCKH3

Check back soon to see what others have wished for and what wishes have been granted!

3 wishes campaign at the HSC Library

WishesLibrary commentsTagsWish granted?
Snacks!We can't do it all the time, but we've been offering free snacks and drinks (fruit, water, coffee, tea) for a few days during midterms and finals. Keep an eye out for these events!Food, DrinksYes!
A microwave ­čÖéCheck out locations in the Communicore building with microwaves.FoodYes!
Wish One: The ability for faculty to reserve a private study room online.
Wish Two: Online training modules for effective literature searches, use of reference managers, and conducting systematic reviews.
Wish One: We're sorry, but we reserve our study room reservations for students, who don't have access to other private spaces on campus.
Wish Two: A number of our training sessions are available via Zoom, and we're working on recording more of them!
Space, InstructionYes for one of them!

Great services never end like today and
have a monthly library book salon - sharing stories of books, giving recommendations or introducing the new books in the library.
We're glad you love our services! The book salon is a great idea - we're thinking about how to make this happen. Students are welcome to give us feedback about books to buy - just contact your liaison librarian or fill out the addition to the collection form.BooksYes!

Open earlier on Sundays and snacks like fruit or granola during midterm weeks.If you're a HSC student, you should be able to get into the second floor 24/7 with your Gator1 card. We're offering fruit during midterms!Hours, FoodYes!
More Beau!This semester we've scheduled 6 visits from Beau (compared to 4 visits in previous semesters)!WellnessYes!