Summer renovation at the HSC Library

Published: May 14th, 2018

Category: Featured Articles

Summer renovation at the HSC LibraryThis summer, the Health Science Center Library will be undergoing renovation – moving the computer lab into a larger space on the first floor of the library and updating library staff spaces for our current needs. The renovation is scheduled to begin mid-May and be completed before the beginning of classes in August.

While there will be some noise during the initial stages of the project, we do not foresee the renovation having an extended impact of your use of the library space, with the following exceptions:

  • Room C2-3 (computer lab) will not be available for instruction or general computer use over the summer. The new computer lab will be located in C1-21 (across from the Information Desk) at the completion of the project.
  • The following areas will be occupied by librarians and library staff during the course of the project, and therefore inaccessible to you: room C3-72 (quiet study) and C2-41B (conference room).
  • Some of the open space on the first and second floors of the library will cordoned off from studying and used for storage of staff furniture.

One of our main goals during the renovation is to minimize the impact of noise and space closures on you. The project should not affect overnight use of the second floor for those of you registered for 24/7 access. We understand that having parts of the library inaccessible and other parts noisier than usual is an inconvenience for those of you who frequently use our space; please feel free to bring your concerns and questions to library staff throughout this process and we will try to accommodate you in whatever ways we can. You may also contact us directly via Hannah Norton at