Upcoming 2nd floor renovations

Published: July 10th, 2017

Category: Featured Articles

Renovation on the 2nd floor sliderAs part of our overall goal to make library spaces as usable as possible, the HSC Library is upgrading some of our second floor spaces this summer. This project includes improvements to our conference rooms C2-41A (Collaboration Center) and C2-41C (Faculty Development Center), creation of a consultation room in a former staff office (C2-41B), and creation of a new director’s office near the second floor entrance. We look forward to bringing new and improved technology to our conference rooms, in particular, and enabling both for teleconferencing (currently only available in C2-41A).

Here’s what we know so far about when everything will be happening:

  • July 17 – August 15 – Renovation of conference rooms
  • July 24 – August 31 – Creation of new director’s office

One of our main goals during the renovation is to minimize the impact of noise and space closures during the fall semester, but that means we will have some noise and disruption for the remainder of the summer.  Work will only be done during the day, so the project should not impact overnight use of the second floor for those of you registered for 24/7 access. We understand that having parts of the library closed and other parts noisier than usual is an inconvenience for those of you who frequently use our space; please feel free to bring your concerns and questions to library staff throughout this process and we will try to accommodate you in whatever ways we can. You may also email Hannah Norton (Interim HSCL Director) directly at nortonh@ufl.edu.

For additional information on our renovations, please visit http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/space